Laggan-Tormore Site Development Preparation Earthworks of Gas Processing Plant at Sullom Voe, Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

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Key Features

  • Handling and storing of peat in purpose built reservoirs, requiring some 455,000m³ of peat to be moved;
  • Terracing the slopes to form 260,000m² of work platforms;
  • Forming the terraces by cut and fill with imported fill as required. This involves the excavation of 512,000m³ of rock;
  • Installation of a Sewerage Treatment Plant, together with surface run-off drainage systems.
  • Construction of 2.4km long access road
Contract Value :

Approximately £51 million

Contract Type :

Total Form of Agreement

Client :

Total E&P UK Limited


April 2010 – March 2011

Company Involvement:

Total E&P UK Limited awarded the contract to Roadbridge as Principal Contractor in March 2010.

Project Description

This contract comprised the civil works associated with the site preparation for the Onshore Gas Processing Plant and all associated works including: The cut and fill work element involved the extraction of granite and crushing to form a suitable fill material. This process reduced the quantity of stone required for the project.