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Key Features

  • Design and construction of 8,216m of 1400mm Ø concrete pipe
  • 2 Nr. Directional Drills under Cuton & Rushes Lock
  • 6 Nr. Open cut road crossings
  • 4 Nr. Tie in’s to the existing pipe
  • Pre & Post construction land drainage
Contract Value :

£4.25 Million

Contract Type :

NEC Option C Engineering Construction Contract

Client :

Northumbrian Water Ltd.


April 2014 - November 2014

Company Involvement:

As principal contractor for the project Roadbridge are responsible for the design and build of an 8.2km section of 1400DN effluent pipeline.

Project Description

Northumbrian Water Ltd (NWL) owns an 11km long pipeline that transfers final effluent flow from Chelmsford Sewage Treatment Works, located on the outskirts of Chelmer Village, Chelmsford, to an existing outfall location at Beeleigh Falls on the River Blackwater. The pipeline flows west-east and operates via gravity. Roadbridge completed a detailed design and constructed the new DN 1400mm reinforced concrete gravity sewer which was installed adjacent to the existing gravity pipeline and has increased the capacity from 828l/s to a minimum of 1524l/s. The upstream connection to the existing pipeline was at Cuton Lock with the downstream tie in to a manhole leading into Langford Treatment Plant. The total length of the pipeline is 9,116m, with 900m of existing pipeline incorporated into the works leaving 8,216m of new pipeline to be constructed.