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Key Features

  • Construction of lined cells
  • Installation of Gas Extraction system comprising Deep and Shallow Gas wells and associated collection pipework and manifolds.
  • Installation of Gas Collection Geocomposite
  • Installation of Leachate Collection system
  • Provision of Bulk Fill Material to top of liner
Contract Value :

€15 Million

Contract Type :

Public Works Contract designed by the Employer

Client :

South Dublin County Council


January 1997 - Present

Company Involvement:

Roadbridge, trading as Pat Mulcair Civil Engineering, were awarded the initial Stage 1 contract at Arthurstown Landfill in January 1997 and have been involved in various phases up to the present day. Fehily Timoney & Co have acted as Designer with Roadbridge on these projects.

Project Description

Some of the works Roadbridge have been involved with on this site include Stage 1 - Construction of Four Cells, Stage 2 - Construction of Six Cells, Stages 3&4 - Construction of Five Cells, Stage 7 - Final Capping Phase.